Student Chaplaincy

Period of study brings many opportunities, but also questions. Even in the middle of challenges it is good to know that we are ready to talk about the issues that preoccupy your mind. If necessary, we help open the knots and see things in a slightly new light. Just the way it suits you, bound by absolute confidentiality.

Typical issues are interpersonal issues, loneliness, life management and various crisis.

Pastors are happy to administer ecclesiastical ordinances, that is, baptisms, weddings, home blessings, and funerals. Conformation school is also possible to study privately. Deacon in Student Chaplaincy is also professional of Social Services. With her, you also can clarify economical issues.

Feel free to contact the way it suits best for you: phone, e-mail, WA, Fb, Messenger, Jodel (anonym)

Contact Information

Pastor Katariina Pitkänen
050 386 8677 (korvaa # -> @)

Pastor Jenni Siljander
044 316 1450 (korvaa # -> @)
Deacon Kaija Siniluoto
040 5747 132 (korvaa # -> @)

The services of the university pastor Ari Savuoja tel. 040 524 5919, (korvaa # -> @) are also available.

Office addresses: KK241, Linnanmaa Campus

Pastor of the International Work Árpád Kovács  tel. 040 524 2778, (korvaa # -> @) 
Office addresses: Parish House in centrum, Isokatu 17, 90100 Oulu