Substance Abuse Policy

The aim of Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ (OUAS) substance abuse policy for students is

  • to promote students’ capacity for studying and well-being,
  • to prevent harm from substance use by increasing, for example, intoxicant-related discussion in the UAS community,
  • ​​​​​​​encourage students to talk about their worries, and
  • give procedures for interfering in a student’s substance abuse problem and referral for treatment.

The campus study counsellors are the substance abuse contact persons. The contact person of OUAS School of Vocational Teacher Education is the head of education.

Talking is caring

A member of staff or fellow student can talk about the observations that have caused concern with the student in question. Discussions concerning someone’s worries are always confidential.

You can trust your gut. You do not need proof to be concerned of someone else. Talk about your worries without judging or blaming anyone. Talking is always for the student’s benefit.