Student tutoring is part of the study counseling services in Oulu UAS, and it is coordinated by Student Union OSAKO. Tutoring encourages students to commit to their studies and makes sure new students feel comfortable and enjoy their studies in Oulu UAS.

What is tutoring?

Student tutoring is about students acting as peer tutors for other students. Tutoring is the most active in the early stages of studies when tutors welcome the new students to Oulu UAS. Student tutor works in cooperation with staff members who are in charge of student guidance, and introduces the school, study practices, and student life from a student's perpective. Tutor's work is based on their own knowledge obtained through experience. The strength of a student tutor is that they speak the 'same language' as students.

The tutors for exchange students and foreign degree students are called international tutors. Their task is to familiarise the international students with the city of Oulu, and living and studying in Finland and especially in Oulu UAS.

Every field of study in Oulu UAS has one or more tutor representatives who are usually active in the field-specific student association. Tutor representative acts as the contact person for other tutors, and coordinates tutor activities together with student counselors. In addition, tutor representative also attends OSAKO's Tutor Team.

Becoming a tutor

New active tutors are recruited every year. All students of Oulu UAS, who are interested in guiding other students, can become tutors. The application period is during February-March. This will be published in OSAKO's newsletter, social media, student magazine Osakolainen, and in separate ads on campuses. Students selected will be trained in March-April, after which tutor contracts are signed.

The length of tutoring term is one academic year. As a reward for their efforts, tutors receive study credits (3 cr/one year, 5 cr/two years). In addition, tutors receive a tutor badge and a tutor t-shirt which also makes it easier for the new students to recognise them. To thank the tutors for their work, OSAKO invites tutors to their own Christmas party and spring get-together.

More information about tutoring can be found on www.osakoweb.fi/english/tutoring.