Students marketing assignments at Oulu university of applied sciences

Students have the opportunity to participate in marketing tasks and events at Oulu university of applied sciences (Oamk). From time to time we receive a lot of requests for introductions to institutions and events, for example, where our best representatives are our own students.

Presentation requests and events work assignments that come to us are mainly offered to our student ambassadors, which are Oamk's main business card in applicant marketing. If you were interested in doing more introductions and marketing tasks, apply to join us as a student ambassador for Oamk on the website form and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Training and payment for marketing tasks is provided according to the contract. The job description of the student ambassador may include, for example,

  • Presenting on the topic of studying in Finland and at Oulu University of Applied Sciences to your home educational institutions
  • Participating in Oamk’s social media channel posts (Ex. Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok)
  • Promoting Oamk at events and fairs
  • Joining us for photo shoots and promotional video productions
  • Participating in interviews

In addition, education departments may ask students for marketing assignments to various events, such as, for example, educational institution visits.

The marketing and communication of Oamk student registration is planned and implemented in the Communication, Marketing and Social Affairs team. In addition to participating in the events, student ambassadors have the opportunity to participate in planning and implementing Oamk marketing and communication.


Students participating in marketing and demonstration tasks in Oamk will be compensated according to the following instructions.
Always agree on all marketing and presentation tasks and their rewards in advance with the Oamk staff representative. 

Introductions in educational institutions
Introductions made in educational institutions are paid €50 per presentation.

Hourly allowance

For example, at events and fairs, students are paid a fee according to the hourly allowance, which is 13 euros per hour. The hourly fee is 10 euros per hour for students who have not undergone student ambassador training.
The reward will be paid as an hourly allowance depending on the time agreed or realized in advance.

Travel costs

Travel costs must always be agreed in advance on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, travel costs are not paid for educational institution presentations.

Allowances to be agreed on a case-by-case basis

The following tasks are always agreed separately in advance.

  • Presentation, dance and cultural performances and similar tasks
  • Producing some content in Oamk channels at social media
  • Participation in marketing and communication planning
  • Participation in small-scale marketing tasks such as photo shoots or interviews.

No compensation shall be paid

  • meetings and other preparatory tasks for marketing work, unless otherwise agreed separately
  • Participation in marketing training
  • assignments that are part of the studies and for which credits are awarded
  • your own agreed visits to educational institutions or fairs, unless otherwise agreed with a representative of the Oamk staff. 

Reward Payment Process

1. Email your tax card to (korvaa # -> @)
2. Complete the payment form 
3. Within one month, email the reward notification form to Anu Skog to (korvaa # -> @). Title the email “Palkkioilmoitus/Your Name”

The fee payment date is the 15th or last day of the month.

Presenting and Materials of the Oamk

Appearance and attitude

You are Oamk's main visiting card.

When performing, remember the following:

  • Your attitude will solve
  • decide to succeed
  • talk as if you are discussing
  • remember your plans — flex if necessary
  • Give listeners space to insight, ask questions
  • listen to yourself
  • seize the moment
  • Get Feedback
  • congratulate yourself

Did you know that when you spoke

  • the meaning of words is 10 percent
  • Voice, facial expression, body language and external essence are 90 per cent

Performing is currently a genuine interaction opportunity — not self-presentation, but you do it in your own persona.


At performance events, it is good to pay attention to your dress, as it is part of communication. There are two ways of presentating Oamk:

  • Oamk's long-sleeved shirt combined with a neat bottom 
  • Oamk's long-sleeved shirt and student jumpsuit tied at the waist.

You can request Oamk's shirt at (korvaa # -> @). Indicate in your message your size, time and occasion where you need the shirt. Put the message well in advance, gladly about two weeks before the occasion.

Web Materials

On the Education website, applicants can find current information on the educational opportunities offered by Oamk. In addition, on the site, applicants can find information about applying, selection criteria and admission tests.

On the Student Stories page you can learn about students' experiences of studying at the University of Applied Sciences and student life.

Oamk's social media channels inform applicants and other stakeholders about current issues at the University of Applied Sciences. You can find Oamk in social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Printed material

For this presentation, you should use the Studies in English -guide, which provides all the necessary information in relation to the Oamk, the fields of education and application. There is both a printed and electronic version of the educational offering.

Education Offerings 2022

In addition to guides, other brochures can be used at events, such as a general prospectus for student registration, a brochure for foreign-language training programmes or a brochure for the Open UAS.

Slideshows and other presentation material

For example, you may need Oamk presentation slides when you are presenting Oamk at various educational institutions. For the latest versions of Oamk's presentation slides, you can ask from (korvaa # -> @). In the presentation slides you can find general information about Oamk, applying and educational fields.

Oamk also has a lot of video footage, which is worth showing in support of the presentation:

Videos from the second joint search ad campaign in spring 2022 can be shown, for example, at the beginning of a visit to an educational institution to attract the interest of the public.

Videos showcasing educational fields can be found on Oamk's YouTube channel and on Oamk's website, starting with education information.