Julia Asikainen

Significant business experience for work from the Education Entrepreneurship degree programme

Dagan Bernstein completed his Master’s degree in Education Entrepreneurship without ever leaving Hawaii. Despite the different time zones and the long distance, Dagan’s studies proceeded smoothly.

Man looking at the camera and smiling wide.
Dagan Bernstein works as a teacher and musician in Hawaii. He feels that he gained the most benefit from the Education Entrepreneurship degree programme’s business studies. Photo: Dagan Bernstein's photo album

Working as a teacher and musician, Dagan Bernstein wanted to complete a Master’s degree to gain more expertise in entrepreneurship, business and the development of innovation.

– I’m working in a growth-driven education non-profit company, and I wanted to obtain more tools to develop our services, Dagan says.

When Dagan started to look for suitable studies, he ran into the Education Entrepreneurship degree programme provided by Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk), which inspired him right there and then.

– For me, it was a big plus that Oamk provided the degree programme as online studies. I also knew how advanced and effective the Finnish education system is, and it was a wonderful opportunity to study at a Finnish university, and get a useful degree on the side.

Previously, Dagan has studied at the University of Oregon in the US, completing a degree in linguistics.

Applying studies to work

Even though Dagan studied while staying in Hawaii and worked as a full-time teacher while being a student, his studies proceeded smoothly.

– While time zones were quite a challenge from time to time, I got it all done by being systematic, working independently and communicating with my teachers.

What was particularly rewarding and inspiring was that the studies were applied directly to work.

– For example, I was able to apply all my business assignments and my thesis to a project I was already working on in my private life.

Dagan says that he also got to know his fellow students, even though he studied online. According to Dagan, each student mainly studied independently, but they still supported one another and frequently discussed various assignments.

– Building networks with others was an amazing part of the studies. Our group was really international and diverse, with everyone having different experiences and ideas to share.

Out of everything he learned, Dagan considers his business studies to be the most useful.

– While business studies gave me the biggest challenge, they were also the most rewarding. As I didn’t have any prior understanding of companies’ cost structures, business models or accounting spreadsheets, I learned a lot of new and valuable information.

An international and inspiring study environment

Dagan thinks that the Education Entrepreneurship degree programme is ideal for everyone working in the field of education or business.

– This is an excellent programme, especially if you already have a business idea, product or service you would like to develop further.

According to Dagan, the studies require motivation, time management skills and the ability to work independently.

– Students must boldly develop their own ideas, but also have the courage to ask for help from teachers. All Oamk teachers are always ready to listen and help.

Above all, Dagan recommends the programme because it enables students to innovate and work in an international environment, supported by a group of professional teachers.

– Students can work in an inspiring environment, allowing many to develop ground-breaking innovation. The programme is not only a way to get a degree, but also a wonderful opportunity to develop your business ideas.