International business woman in the making

Esenam Adetunji has built herself a lively but peaceful life in Oulu. Studying international business at Oamk, she is very clear about her future plans.

– I feel like it’s easy to start a family here.

Esenam Adetunji has lived in many countries before settling in Oulu 11 years ago. Originally from Togo, Esenam, who got married two years ago, thinks that Oulu is a good place for a young family. It’s peaceful, calm and safe and health care is good and affordable. 

– I was able to integrate quite well, because I’m very open and make friends easily. I also speak many languages and I feel like that helps. Finns can seem really calm and private in the beginning. It takes time to really get to know and be close to them. I think you can easily feel lonely here if you don’t have friends.

Esenam is glad that’s not the case for her, because she has gotten many friends, Finnish and international, here in Oulu. She has studied Finnish in language courses, cosmetics at a beauty school and is now studying International Business at Oamk for the third year. In all of her courses, she has gotten to know new people and made new friends.

Getting to the next level

Esenam is an entrepreneur and a beautician mostly helping dark skinned people with skin beauty.

– I have also studied entrepreneurship here in Oulu and previously in my country I had a Bachelor’s degree in management. I knew that for me to get to the next level in terms of knowledge, opportunities and networking and just to improve myself as an entrepreneur, I wanted to study international business.

Esenam’s goal is to have a Master’s degree as well. Her dream is to go to a business school in France. French is the official language of Togo, so that’s Esenam’s second language. The future plans seem crystal clear for this driven, enthusiastic business woman.

– After I graduate from Oamk I want to work for another company for a while and learn new things while I have my own business at the side.