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Impressed by studying Master’s degree in Water and Environmental Management online

Scottish John McCall is studying Master’s degree in Water and Environmental Management in Oulu University of Applied Sciences. He chose that education because he has started a similar degree in Scotland and the studies was in English and online.

Water and environmental issues are global concern in both private and public sectors. Master's degree programme in Water and environmental managemenet enhances participants' knowledge and skills allowing them to build a career in water and environmental management.

John McCall is studying Oamk’s Master’s degree in Water and Environmental Management online from Pori. He has done a Barchelor’s degree in Environment in Scotland, where he also started Master’s degree in Waste Management.

– I didn’t finish my Master’s degree in Scotland, because I moved to Thailand to work as an English teacher, John McCall tells.

After working in Thailand for three years, John moved to Korea for ten years. There he got married and had two kids. John and his wife thought that Finland would be the best place to bring up the children for education.

– I wanted to apply to Oamk’s Master’s degree because it was in English and online, and it was also similar than the degree I started in Scotland.

Good experiences about online studies

John has been against online studies for a long time, but now he has found them as a very helpful and an enjoyable way to study.

– I like the idea that the lessons can be recorded, so you can go back and watch them again as many times as you want.

John thinks that one of the best things about his studies is that the teachers are very efficient, professional and understanding.

– For example, if you return an assignment late with a good reason for that, teachers understand that. There’s no pressure and you can just relax and enjoy your studies. It’s all about learning. Also, if you need help, teachers are always willing to discuss about the problems.

Besides John’s studies, he is working as a part-time teacher in Pori. John says that having a part-time job, studies and the kids at the same time isn’t always easy, but he still enjoys studying because he is learning so much.

– My students know that I’m doing my Master’s, so they are very understanding if I have to reschedule my English lessons. Also, if you do miss online lesson, you can watch it later.

John thinks that one of the best things about his studies is that the teachers are very efficient, professional and understanding.

Impressed by the safety and high education in Finland

The safety is the thing that John likes the most in Finland.

– I’ve been in many countries and Finland is probably the safest one. It was a culture shock for me to see that kids were walking to school in the winter by themselves while it was completely dark outside.

John also finds Finland as a great country for living because of the high education.

– Our whole family is studying here and the education was definitely one of the main reasons why we moved to Finland.

In addition, John likes that even though Finnish people are often shy, they are not shy at coming forward if you say or do something wrong.

Towards own business

John is planning to start his own business after he graduates. He got the business idea while studying Project Management course in Oamk.

– I would like to start a plastic recycling business here in Finland. That’s my biggest dream regarding to my career after I graduate.