Master's degree in Engineering (MEng), Water and Environmental Management


The degree programme is not available in January 2022 admission.

Water and environmental issues are global concern in both private and public sectors. Master's degree programme in Water and environmental managemenet enhances participants' knowledge and skills allowing them to build a career in water and environmental management and provides them practical understanding of water and environmental engineering concepts.

Studies are mostly carried out online, with only two intensive periods when contact teaching is organized at one of our campuses in Oulu.

Water and Environmental Management

Water and environmental issues are global concerns in both the private and public sector. A holistic and interdisciplinary view is needed together with an understanding of the principles of sustainable development and rational use of natural resources when managing the environmental issues.

The Master’s degree programme in Water and Environmental Management (WEM) enhances participants’ knowledge and skills in environmental management and strengthens their practical understanding of the concepts of water and environmental engineering. Especially the interactions between water, land and air are emphasized.

Students receive the knowledge of latest tools utilized in water and environmental management projects when working with the consultants, contractors and public authorities. Forming international contacts is emphasised since it is an essential asset when dealing with multinational development tasks. 

Study contents – Blended program

The degree programme consists of online teaching, written assignments and two intensive periods that take place on campus. During the intensive periods students have an opportunity to participate in contact teaching and obtain immediate advice in relation to their final thesis. The first intensive periods take place on the campus in Oulu and the dates are published later.

Since the degree programme is carefully designed to advance students’ professional knowledge and skills in their own area of specialisation, a wide range of online courses is available for students to take between intensive periods. Furthermore, online meetings are offered if any advice with the final thesis is needed.

Degree Programme in Water and Environmental Management 60 ECTS:

  • Advanced Generic Competences (15 ECTS):
    • Project Management 5 ECTS
    • Quality Management 5 ECTS
    • Virtual Business Simulation and Management 5 ECTS
  • Advanced Professional Competences (15 ECTS):
    • Advance Water and Wastewater Technology 5 ECTS
    • Waste Solids Management and Soil Contamination 5 ECTS
    • Environmental Management and Policy 5 ECTS
  • Master´s Thesis 30 ECTS

Tuition fee and scholarship

For Finnish and EU/EEA citizens there are no tuition fees to participate in the programme. Also international applicants with the Finnish residence permit A or P are exempt from the tuition fee.

For non-EU students, the tuition fee is 10,000 € for one academic year and 5000 € for each additional semester to complete the program. Please note that a supplemental scholarship is provided by Oamk to tuition-paying students who accomplish the studies within the set target time (1 year/60 credits, 1,5 year/90 credits). The scholarship is 2500 € for one academic year and 1250 € for one semester. The scholarship is applied and awarded retrospectively.

Application Period 

The application period is 7-20 January 2021 and the studies will begin in the autumn of 2021. The applicant will be scored in the scale of 0-100 points based on the preliminary assignment written in English. The assignment consists of three parts: motivation letter, CV and preliminary plan for the development task.

  • The motivation letter (maximum 500 words) must show interest in this education, evaluate the current skills related to the curriculum of this education and express the career plans dealing with this education.
  • The CV must contain prior studies, work history and special merits.
  • The preliminary plan for the development task (maximum 1,000 words) must describe a work-related development target that can be processed during studies. This development task can also be the topic of the future Master’s thesis.

The preliminary assignment must be returned as an electronic document by 27 January 2021 at the latest. The minimum admission point score is 20 points from the preliminary assignment. 

Student stories

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