Information For New Transfer Students

To start your studies:

  • Confirm your study place and enroll for the academic year 2023-2024 by 14th of December 2023 at 3.00 pm Finnish time at the latest.
  • Schedule a meeting about crediting your studies with Head of Degree Programme as soon as you have confirmed your study place. Prepare to take a transcript of records from your previous University of Applied Sciences with you at the meeting with the Head of Degree Programme. It would also be good if you have the course descriptions available.
  • Get your student username and password. It is required that you first accept the study place and enroll for the next academic year before your username and password can be given. 
  • Get familiar with the Digital Starter Package and start working with it.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Academic Affairs

Accepting the study place and enrolment

The study place must be accepted and the enrolment for academic year 2023-2024 completed by latest on Thursday 14 December 2023 at 3 pm Finnish time in Studyinfo database. The study place is accepted by using the link you receive from Studyinfo or by using the strong identification (a Finnish bank account, mobile certificate or an electronic ID card). 

You can find more detail about the enrolment for absence/presence here: Right to Study 

Students approved in spring 2015 or after can sign a notification of absence for a total of two terms. If you have already used your terms of absence in your previous higher education institution, you are not entitled for new terms of absence. 

Absence is possible at any stage of the studies, and it will not be deducted from their total time of absence, i.e. two terms, if the reason is some of these:

  • compulsory military service, non-military service, women’s voluntary military service or
  • parental leave to take care of their child (birth or adoption)

The following documents are needed for the absence mentioned above:

  • An order to join the military service or non-military service which certifies that the service is during the academic year in question.
  • A certificate of pregnancy or parental grant from Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland or a doctor’s certificate of pregnancy if a certificate is still lacking. Equivalent certificates of statutory parental leave from another countries are accepted too.

You can send a certificate of absence by email or by post (Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu, Admission Services, PL 405, 90101 OULU). Sent copies are destroyed after the check. A document can be in Finnish, Swedish or English. If you don't deliver enough proof of your absence by the given due date your enrolment will be changed as present.  

Remember to use secure email if you are sending your certificate of absence by email:

  • Register your email at
  • You will receive an email titled: ”Turvaposti Oulun Yliopisto”. The email includes a personal link to register to the service.
  • In the "To" -field, please write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to the "Subject" -field, please write: Certificate of absence.
  • Attach your copies of certificate(s) to your email.
  • Send your confidential email in this service.

Performing conscript or non-military service after gaining admission to school

If you are in conscript, non-military or voluntary military service after you have been admitted to a school and you are absent from school either before or after performing the service, you could potentially lose your eligibility for a student loan compensation. The period qualifying you for the compensation can be extended, but that only applies to the academic terms in which you are in active service.

For more on the qualifying criteria for the student loan compensation
Use an online calculator to check your eligibility for a student loan compensation (in Finnish)

Tuition fees and scholarships

At Oamk the amount of the tuition fee for

  • Bachelor's degree is 8 000 € per academic year.
  • Master´s degree is 10 000 € for one academic year and 5 000 € for each additional semester to complete the program. 

Tuition fee is charged from the non-EU/EEA students (including UK citizens) studying in the English degree programmes who do not hold the Finnish residence permit that gives the exemption from the tuition fees. Document proving the right for exemption must be submitted before the tuition fee is charged.

The tuition fee is charged after you have confirmed your study place and enrolled as present for the upcoming academic year at Oamk. The first-year tuition fee at Oamk is paid in one part. There are no scholarships for your first-year at Oamk. If you fail to pay the tuition fee within the given due date, you will lose your right to study. 

If you are a Bachelor’s student who has started their studies before autumn 2023 and you complete at least 55 credits per each academic year at Oamk and graduate within optimal study time, you will be refunded 50 % of the tuition fee that you have paid for your studies at Oamk as a scholarship. First available scholarship is granted as a deduction of your second-year tuition fee at Oamk. If you graduate within your optimal study time, you will be paid a scholarship of 4 000 €.

If you are a Master’s student and you graduate within your optimal study time, you will be refunded 25 % of the tuition fee that you paid for your studies at Oamk as a scholarship. The optimal study time for a 60-credit degree is one academic year and 1,5 years for a 90-credit degree.

The Finnish Language Scholarship of 2 000 € is awarded for students is awarded for tuition-fee liable and attending students who take and pass the Finnish National Certificate of Language Proficiency in Finnish language on the level B1.

Please see more information from the Study Guide.


Student username and password

In your studies you will need your student account to access Oamk's online services such as email, Peppi and Moodle. You can get the username and password from the beginning of December. The ID search requires that you have accepted your study place and that your attendance information has been registered in the student management system Peppi. If you have a Finnish bank account, mobile certificate or an electronic ID card, please follow the instructions found here: Oamk username and password 

If you don't have a Finnish bank account or the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service, you can get your username and password from Academic Affairs from the beginning of December. Take your identity card, driving license, passport etc. with you for verifying your identity.

Remember to change your password immediately (Update Password) and test that your student account works before your studies begin. For example sign in The Microsoft Office 365 cloud service and check out your student email (log in instructions)

If you transfer to another degree program within Oamk, your username will not change and you do not need to apply for username separately.

For more IT-information and support check Oamk it-services. If you have problems with your user account, please contact IT-services This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 0294 483 124. 

Digital Starter Package and online environments

Studying at Oamk requires good digital learning skills and the management of digital services that benefit and enable study. To support these skills a Digital Start Package has been built. This will help you learn how to use the digital programs and services necessary for learning. Please get familiar with the tasks included in this Digital Starter Package on your own schedule. If necessary, you can return to this platform to repeat things throughout your studies. 

Digital Starter Package is located in Moodle and it is available from the beginning of December 2023. Log in with your student username and password to Moodle. After logging, register yourself in the course area Digital Starter Package 2023-2024. The course key is TRANSFER. Read more about Moodle.

Beginning of studies and study plan 

Transfer students starting their studies in January must contact their Head of Degree Programme before their studies begin.

Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business (DIB)

Contact information

Eija Rajakangas
Head of Degree Programme, Senior Lecturer, Business
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other useful information

Study Guide

Please familiarize yourself with the vast information found in the Study Guide for example the curricula, study right, welfare and student activity services and course enrolments. 


Student Health Care

All students who study for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s level degree at a university of applied sciences and enroll as attending must pay the healthcare fee to the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

The healthcare fee entitles you to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). No bill will be sent on the healthcare fee, and thus you have to pay the fee on your own initiative. For the spring term, the due date is 15 March and for the autumn term, the due date is 15 November.

If you live outside Finland, you still have to pay the healthcare fee. FSHS offers also services online. 

If you have social security coverage in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland or the United Kingdom, you do not have to pay the healthcare fee. 

You can find the instructions and account number for payment in Kela’s web site: How to pay the healthcare fee in higher education.

Oulu regional service points
More information: What is the healthcare fee in higher education?
Read more about services of FSHS

Meal discount 

As a degree student, you are eligible for discounted meals at student restaurants if you present a valid student card or Tuudo's Student ID. 

More information about the meal discount and student restaurants
More information about the Tuudo's Student ID 


Financial Aid for Students (Kela)

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) grants student financial aid (opintotuki) and housing allowance (asumistuki) for Finnish students. These benefits are available to non-citizens of Finland only in some cases. Please see more information about Kela benefits to non-citizens of Finland. 

If you have received Kela´s financial aid for your previous UAS studies, fill in new financial aid application to inform Kela about the change in your studies. Kela´s e-service is available in Finnish.  

More information about Kela benefits for students


Student Union OSAKO

Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OSAKO), is a politically independent service and support organisation for the students of Oulu UAS. Its status is prescribed by law. OSAKO’s main task is to represent students and their interests in Oulu UAS and in Oulu region, as well as nationally.


Linnanmaa Campus

The Degree Programme in International Business and Information Technology will start at the Linnanmaa Campus at Yliopistokatu 9. More information about Linnanmaa Campus.  

Check the general layout to see where Oamk’s units and functions are on campus. 

Please download the Oulu Campus Navigator app on your mobile phone from Google Play or App Store. You do not need to sign in to application, and it does not track the location of individual users. Its operations are based on Bluetooth transmitters on the campus.


Laptop Required for Studies

Students are expected to have a laptop/computer, good internet connection and a working browser (for example Google Chrome). In addition, you need to have a headset with a microphone for online teaching and guidance appointments and a web camera. As a student you will get a MS 364 services for free. This includes applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc. Register to MS 365 service with your student username. Mac computer users may have to clarify features and qualities independently. A tablet (a handheld device) is typically too small to be utilized efficiently in studies.