How to apply for a Bachelor's degree

Applying is easy, just fill in the online application and upload the required documentation. We will invite the eligible applicants to take the entrance examination and the ones that succeed the best are selected.

How to apply – Step by step

Step 1

Fill in the online application form at

The application form is available during the application period 4-18 January 2023.

Step 2

Upload following pdf copies to online application before deadline of documents

  • Your diploma
  • academic transcript
  • official English translation (with stamp and signature)

If you have diploma from Finland, please make sure that Studyinfo registry has your updated schooling information.

If you are about to graduate in the spring 2023 and have a qualification outside Finland, the scanned copy your final diploma will be checked when you accept your study place or on the 14 July at the latest.

Step 3

Invitations to the possible entrance examinations are sent to all invited applicants by email.

Step 4

The results of the student selection will be published in the beginning of June 2023.

Step 5

If selected, please confirm your study place and enrol for the academic year as soon as possible. For tuition paying students this must be done withing 7 days from the notification in order to get Early Bird discount.

Step 6

Pay the possible tuition fee within the given deadline.

Step 7

Original diplomas are checked from all selected students in the beginning of studies. Take the documents with you to the orientation. There are no exceptions.