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Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) educates internationally highly valued professionals. Study in one of the world’s best education systems! Studying in Finland makes you a competent and innovative professional ready to work in Finland and abroad.

It’s easy to feel at home in Oulu, where teachers and tutors support you, and the student community is active. In Finland people are sincere and the nature is nurturing! Welcome to our land of thousand lakes, clean blue skies, pure white snowy hills, green forests and the happiest people in the world! The answer is Oamk.

Next application period is 3–17 January 2024. Our degrees open to apply then are listed below. Studies begin in August 2024.

How to apply to Oamk? More detailed instructions here.


Degrees open to apply 3–17 Jan 2024

Bachelor´s degree
  • BBA, International Business
Master´s degree
  • Data Analytics and Project Management

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Bachelor´s degree
  • Mechanical Engineering

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Social and Health Care
Bachelor´s degree
  • Nursing

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Information Technology
Bachelor´s degree
  • Information Technology 
Master´s degree
  • Data Analytics and Project Management

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Culture and Arts
Master´s degree
  • Digital Performance
  • Education Entrepreneurship

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International business student Carl

Carl Johan Valikangas, a student of international business at Oamk, speaks warmly about the practical nature of his studies and the great amount of group work involved.

– My father has built a successful career as a businessman, and it has inspired me to do something similar. Our family has travelled a lot and lived in many different countries because of my father’s work. I’m fascinated by the idea of being able to see how business is handled in different parts of the world through my work, Carl says.

Carl has been impressed by the teachers’ emphasis on teaching and efforts to provide the best possible education. He is also pleased with the amount of group work.

– In our studies, we do a lot of group work and solve problems together. I’ve always loved team sports, and in my studies, I also enjoy teamwork.

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Information technology student Yinan

Yinan is in her second year studying information technology at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Oamk. Yinan and her family appreciate Finnish nature.

– If you are in a city in China you have to drive 30 to 50 kilometers to find a peaceful place like a forest. In Finland the forests are safe and you can stay there for a whole day and enjoy yourself.

Studying at Oamk has been a pleasant experience for Yinan so far. She likes the fact that there are only a few courses at the same time and also that the education is very practical, because it suits her better.

– Compared to China, I think that here in Finland the course design is more reasonable.

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Nursing student Abdulrahman

Abdulrahman Alwan is a few courses away from graduating from Oamk as a nurse. Before he started his studies he took Finnish courses and finished preparatory education.

– I have specialized in perioperative nursing in my studies. I am now in the induction phase at the hospital. I like this job because although the operation is the last resort for the patient’s care, it also saves lives and improves their quality of life.

Last summer Abdulrahman got a job as an operating room nurse at the Oulu University Hospital. During his studies, he has already worked in a home care service and a geriatric nursing home. Working in the operating room makes Abdulrahman feel like he has reached his goal and it suits him since he doesn’t feel sick during operations.

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Mechanical engineering student Jori

Jori Karjalainen, a Finnish native, started studying Mechanical Engineering at Oamk while working in business but now he’s a full time student.

– At Oamk it is possible to build yourself a unique education with minor and optional subjects. I am focusing on automotive technology, electrical engineering and 3D design.

Education of Mechanical Engineering at Oamk is very practical and hands-on and a great start for a professional career. It came as a surprise for Jori that there’s a lot of actual exploring in real-life environments, such as test and hybrid labs and metal workshops.

– Our teachers want us to go in there and do as much as possible with our hands and try things in practice.

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Life in Oulu

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) is one of Finland’s most attractive universities of applied sciences. The Oulu region is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. Just a one-hour flight from Helsinki and a train connection that takes you straight to the city centre make sure that city of Oulu has an easy access from Southern Finland. With a population of 200,000, the Oulu region is a major centre of innovative high tech industries, academia, science, services and culture. Welcome to Oulu and Oamk!

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We offer studies in the fields of information technology, culture, business, natural resources, social and health care, technology and teaching. We guarantee that you will find the right path for your life situation and experience to the new competence.

Close co-operation with our network of partners and working life ensures interesting opportunities even for those completing their studies in different fields.

Life in Oulu

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