RDI projects

Our key RDI focus areas are solutions for low-carbon initiatives, digital solutions and digital pedagogy enabling continuous learning. Our multidisciplinary RDI activities produce solutions to such issues as climate change or demographic diversification. We promote well-being, drive new development in working life and actively support new business generation.

International projects

01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023, information technology
CoRoSect - Cognitive Robotic System for Digitalized and Networked Insect Farms
CoRoSect will bring new insight to automated insect farming by introducing a novel integrated robotic solution able to support all phases of the insects’ lifecycle inside a farm.

01.01.2020–30.09.2022, Social and health care
NACCOP – An Arctic platform for innovation work in healthcare
NACCOP project’s target is to strengthen the innovation work of SMEs in healthcare and wellbeing by developing an Arctic platform for the Nordic countries to co-operate through quadruple helix model.
01.10.2019–30.09.2022, Engineering
TallWood - Supporting Wood as Multistory Building Material
The goal of the TallWood project is to develop innovative solutions on how to use more wooden hybrid components in building and as structural elements of multistory wooden buildings.

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National projects

16.08.2021–31.05.2023, information technology
The project will develop policies to support ageing health and social health care professionals that they can continue to work as long as possible with improved digital skills.

01.03.2021–28.02.2023, natural resources
The project supports companies operating in the region to develop new business solutions, products and services based on the circular economy.

01.03.2021–29.02.2024, Media and performing arts
The project aims to respond to the sudden increase in the need for remote skills in creative industries caused by the corona epidemic.

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RDI leading group

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