Developing Wooden Hybrid Building

The TallWood project will work for and raise awareness of utilizing wood as one of the main elements of multistory wood hybrid buildings. The actions of the project are divided into the work packages you can find on this page.

The first work package (WP1) contains communication and dissemination of the project. The second one (WP2) includes management, cross-border interaction and transfer.

The core work packages include the following:

WP 3: Development and support for wood building systems

Responsible partner: Research Institute of Sweden (RISE).

  1. A study of industrialized constructions of multistory wooden buildings.
  2. Structural elements for planning tools of multistory wooden buildings.
  3. Moisture management in wooden buildings.

WP 4: Technical and scientific development, goals, tools and solutions

Responsible partner: Luleå University of Technology (LUT).

  1. Developing and testing new design tools regarding wood building systems.
  2. New tools for increased use of CLT-systems for the market of tall buildings.
  3. Comparison of building regulations in the Nordic countries for tall wooden buildings versus building with concrete and steel.

WP 5: Pan-European approach (H2020, UIA, etc.)

Responsible partner: Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk).

  1. Networking with key European stakeholders in wooden multistory buildings.
  2. Developing H2020/Urban Innovation Actions/Interreg Europe application(s), presentation(s) and international conference papers about wooden multistory buildings.

WP 6: Tall building properties and processes

Responsible partner: Nordland Research Institute (NRI).

  1. Building physical measurements of the pilot buildings.
  2. Energy efficiency aspects, calculations of the carbon footprint of the buildings.
  3. Life-cycle assessment (LCA).
  4. Experiences and feedback of users of the buildings (evaluating, monitoring, following-up and learning from timber building projects).

WP 7: Demonstration and pilot projects for wood building systems

Responsible partner: Lapland University of Applied Sciences (LUAS).

  1. Demonstration buildings in Finland.
  2. Demonstration buildings in Sweden.
  3. Demonstration buildings in Norway.