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On this site you can find links to various articles that are related to wooden construction or otherwise linked to the TallWood project and its aims. The content ranges from academic research to articles from newspapers from all around the world. Newest items are located on the top of the list.

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"This paper examines the environmental impacts of a five-story hybrid apartment building compared to timber and reinforced concrete counterparts in whole-building life-cycle assessment using the software tool, One Click LCA, for the estimation of environmental impacts from building materials of assemblies, construction, and building end-of-life treatment of 50 years in Finland."


"In this study, Tuupala wooden school in Kuhmo and as a reference Tuupala stone school and a primary school in town of Vaala were monitored for temperature, indoor air humidity, carbon dioxide content, particulate matter and total concentration of volatile organic compounds by IoT sensors for 10 months. [...] Based on the results, the wooden school of Tuupala is an excellent learning environment for its schoolchildren. It has a quiet and peaceful noise level. The variation in humidity is lower there than in the control school, and stress of schoolchildren is lower than in the classes of the control school. The difference in the stress is in some time periods statistically significant."


"The City of Helsinki organized an open, high-standard competition that received 12 accepted submissions of high quality. Several proposals used wood to complement concrete structures. Low-carbon and other environmental values had a weight of 50% in the competition."


"British Columbia has doubled height limits allowed for timber towers – and countries around the world are following suit."