Visit to Woodcomp's production unit in Raahe Mar 2022

Published: 31 May 2022 at 15:31 :: Current Topics

The company cluster Woodcomp includes KW-Component Oy and Lapaluodon Puu Oy. The company is included in the concern structure as Kastelli houses and feeds its needs as one of the wall element manufacturers, e.g. Kastelli's pre-cut products and wall elements are produced by Woodcomp's sister companies. The company employs more than 165 people in Raahe and the companies' turnover in 2020 was EUR 28.9 million. Eur. The company has no internationalisation targets.

The production does not try to reach the heavens, but a realistic height of max. 8 floors. Ongoing is the 3rd actual year of the production of blocks of flats. The aim is to have one more per year. Now in production 5-storey to Espoo (first wooden apartment buildings in Espoo apartments in Finnoose)The company's concept will be published shortly, aiming for single-module (small) apartments with a maximum size of approximately 55 m2. There are now still two-module apartments in production due to subscribers.

The wall elements are delivered from a different factory in Raahe. The transfer takes place in plastic wrappings according to dry chain principles for assembly. Surface and painting treatments of VS elements are done before the modules are assembled. The structures are based on heavy and LVL multiplication solutions, CLT is not included or even considered. KW-Component Oy, which is part of Woodcomp companies, is the main contractor in the laying/site phase. The installation at the site takes place one modular tower at a time. At ground level, a pre-built roof the size of a modular unit is raised to a roof. The pace of erection is a tower per day.

The intermediate floors are heavy-framed LVL and sawn timber. The OSB board stiffens and soundproofs the structure. The modules have underfloor heating grooved on the chipboard. Surface structure in dry rooms 2-layer plasterboard, in wet rooms quick mass that can be waterproofed with Kiilto KeraSafe in 3 days. Waterproofing can be coated on that in 24 hours.

The structure of the underside of the element's roof/intermediate floor, with its installations, is assembled 'inside out' and lifted over the element. The surface structures are made in a raised element.  As an interior cladding, the Paracem plate, which as the only single-layer structure currently meets the requirements of the fire.