Report on Balcony Slabs Testing Published

Published: 12 November 2021 at 13:17 :: Current Topics

As part of Work Package 3, RISE in Skellefteå has performed four-point bending test and natural frequency measurements on balcony slabs for the TallWood project. Report of these tests is now available.

Performing the four-point bending test.

The E-modulus and bending strength of balconies were measured with bending tests performed according to EN 408:2010 with minor deviations in placement of supports. The fundamental natural frequencies of the balcony slabs for simply supported boundary conditions, i.e., the short side edges laying freely on supports, were measured. The balconies were provided by Composite Balkongar company in Fällfors.

Head over to Publications for the full report, along with table of results, figures, and photos.