Project Meeting in Bodø Oct 2021

Published: 26 October 2021 at 08:48 :: Current Topics

After 18 months of online meetings, the TallWood project team finally met each other in person again. The latest project meeting was held in Bodø, Norway on the 19th and 20th of October, and was hosted by the Nordland Research Institute (NRI).

The event started already on Monday, as the project people from Finland and Sweden arrived in Bodø in the evening for a dinner and some networking opportunities.

Picture of a meeting room with people sitting.

On Tuesday morning one of the conference rooms in the Radisson Blu hotel was the venue for the project meeting. The morning and afternoon sessions included catching up on the progress of all the work packages. The scheduled project management meeting was cancelled, but instead everyone in the project meeting received a thorough update on the current state of the project. With a bit less than one year left in the project, the timetable was naturally discussed, as well as communications and dissemination of the results of the project.

Wednesday had extremely interesting presentations and discussions in store. Among these were topics such as the smart city development of the city of Bodø, innovations in wood-based building, and strategies for sustainable building industry and regional innovation and co-operation with SME’s. Lengthy discussions were also held on how to continue the ‘legacy’ of the TallWood project, mainly as part of the tasks in Work Package 5.

Site visit to the sports hall.

The team also visited the Bankgata Flerbrukshall sports hall. Located next to the Bankgata school, the hall was finished in 2015 and is built mainly from wooden materials. You can view video of the construction of the hall and a brief virtual tour on YouTube.

On behalf of the entire project team, we want to thank everyone for participating in the event, for the lively discussions, all the guest speakers and presenters, and, of course, NRI for hosting such a successful meeting. The next in-person project meeting is scheduled to be held in March in Sweden.