Online Project Group Meeting Apr 13 2021

Published: 15 April 2021 at 09:42 :: Current Topics

The first project group meeting of the TallWood project in 2021 was held on Tuesday the 13th of April. Hosted by the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, the meeting was attended by all the project partners (Oamk, RISE, NRI, LUAS, Lappia and LTU). As usual, the meeting was held online via Teams.

With the first quarter of the year finished, the meeting provided a good way to catch up on the overall progress of the project and results of the work packages. The project partners provided updates on multiple items, such as the student work being done on the project, a site visit to a construction site by Temotek, and thermal and moisture measurement of the DAS Kelo building. Discussions were also had regarding the LCA and LCC of the demonstration buildings, as well as agreeing on the prolongation of the project by 6 to 9 months.

It was also agreed to have the next partner and steering board meetings in Norway during week 41, provided that travelling is allowed. The next two monthly partner meetings were also agreed on, and they will be held in early June and late August, to avoid having meetings during the summer vacation.