Visibility and impact from RDI Projects

Alongside teaching, research, development and innovation work (RDI) is the second basic task of universities of applied sciences. Our RDI work supports the development of Oulu and Northern Finland. The RDI activities are closely integrated with our education provision and learning, as well as the lifelong learning offerings and projects implemented in cooperation with businesses and industries.

Our key RDI focus areas are solutions for low-carbon initiatives, digital solutions and digital pedagogy enabling continuous learning. Our multidisciplinary RDI activities produce solutions to such issues as climate change or demographic diversification. We promote well-being, drive new development in working life and actively support new business generation. 

Close cooperation with networks

We conduct our RDI activities in close cooperation with various networks making sure that the activities complement each other in a mutually beneficial way, utilising each sector's strengths. In this way, we can provide industries with better overall service in the field of competence development.

Interested in cooperation? Contact us!

Annually, we have approximately 150 ongoing projects involving around 450 companies and communities. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.