Towards zero emission vehicles and work machines 

In NUVE-LAB you can develop the cutting-edge technology for environmentally sustainable vehicles and work machines.

Active dynamometer

The heart of the laboratory is the 4-wheel drive active dynamometer. An active dynamometer can emulate e.g., uphill, and downhill driving. In NUVE-LAB you can define various driving and work cycle scenarios, also by utilizing a 3D model of the actual work environment the work machine is to be developed for.  







Maximum nominal power    1200 kW
Maximum nominal power / wheel   300 kW
Maximum Torque (0-100 rpm)   25 000 Nm
Rpm range   0-2000 rpm


Connection interface




Wheelbase   1.3 m - 7.4 m
Connection width   1.8 m - 5 m
Height position of the VUT (vehicle under test) axle   600 mm - 1200 mm
Height position of the PTO (power take off) axle   600 mm - 1200 mm


Vehicle dimensions and weight




Total weight      65 ton
Length   12 m
Width   3.5 m
Height   4.2 m (maximum with tires)


The dynamometer has been primarily funded by the European Regional Development Fund in Mobilab project. 

Battery simulator

10/2023 onwards NUVE-LAB will have in production a battery simulator. It enables examination and verification of electronic power transmission solutions and work machines without actual driving batteries. One of the central advantages of the battery simulator is that examination and verification of various power line technical solutions is possible already in the concept phase. The battery simulator enables also the determination of the required battery capacity without erroneous investments in expensive battery packs.

The deposited simulation models permit the emulation of:

  • batteries, battery modules, battery packs and battery systems
  • fuel cells, fuel cell stacks and fuels cell systems
  • 48 V on-board power supplies in vehicles


  • Bi- directional DC Power supply with adjustable voltage/current dynamics uninterrupted zero crossing for instant switching between charging and discharging.  


  • 1000 kW continuous load

Output voltage

  • 10 - 1000 V  
  • Resolution: 16 bit accuracy 
  • Setpoint (Response Time): < 5 ms  
  • Including voltage drop compensation, through sense cables near DUT  

Output current

  • ± 1000 A  
  • Control resolution: 16 bit accuracy 
  • Current rise time: t90: ≤ 5 ms  
  • Ripple: < 0,1 % eff FS  
  • Setpoint (Response Time): < 5 ms  

Control models

  • Constant voltage (CV)  
  • Constant current (CC)  
  • Constant power (CP)  
  • Dynamic battery behaviour simulation via MATLAB/Simulink from external control system (e.g. real time simulation environment) 
  • Unloadable behaviour data from actual test drive