Starting Up in Oamk! Support for startup entrepreneurship

Published: 1 February 2023 at 08:54 :: News from Oamk

Oamk supports student entrepreneurship and the development of innovations among its students and staff. During your studies is a great time to start developing a business because there is plenty of support, spaces, funding, and test environments available, along with potential cofounders and even customers.

Funding for testing your business idea

Students can apply for Proof-of-Concept funding meant for testing and piloting a scalable business idea. The maximum funding per project is 5000€ and can be applied only in the idea stage, already founded companies are not eligible for this funding. The funding can be used for services, materials, and travel costs.

Criteria for PoC funding:

  • It’s a new concept that needs to be tested
  • If successful, the project will generate new growth business and jobs
  • Person/team is studying at an educational institution in Oulu or is an employee of the educational institution
  • PoC funding cannot be granted to firms already established

Teams or individuals working on their business ideas can utilize the services of Oamk, University of Oulu or BusinessOulu.

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Office or co-work spaces for future and current entrepreneurs

The campus offers office space and co-work space for those interested in developing their business ideas further. Please contact us so we’ll show you the available spaces!

Events in the Business Corner

We organize numerous events where you can learn about developing a company, testing business ideas, building teams, and networking.

Mentoring program

We connect students interested in startups or entrepreneurship to entrepreneurs or professionals with whom they can build and develop their entrepreneur identity and get tools for the future. The mentoring program lets you explore your dream of being an entrepreneur with insightful discussions with a mentor. The applications for the mentorship program will be opened in February. 

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