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Study Evaluation and Certificate :: Oulu UAS

Study Evaluation and Certificate

Your completed courses are evaluated either numerically on a scale from 0 to 5, or on the scale "fail" - "accepted". As a student of the Open UAS, you are entitled to improve an accepted grade of a course once, and to improve a failed grade twice, without a separate fee. The possibility to improve your grades is valid during the upcoming Autumn/Spring term.

After completing all of your studies at the Open UAS, you can request the certificate by e-mailing The certificate will be delivered by post or you can pick it up from the Open UAS contact person if so agreed beforehand. Please note that the study fee must be paid before receiving the certificate. If you need a transcript of records before that time, you can contact the Student Services ( and request a signed and stamped transcript of records concerning the studies you have completed so far. When necessary, an attendance certificate can be provided for the employment authorities.

The teachers will give your grade no later than three weeks from the evaluation, or from the agreed deadline for the return of the assignment.

Since the Open UAS courses and their assessment methods are the same as in the degree education provided by the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, you can propose the studies you have completed to be credited in your future degree studies.