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Student Services :: Oulu UAS

Student Services on Campus

The Student Services provide information about the operations and procedures of the University of Applied Sciences (such as schedules, transcripts of records and re-examination procedures). Each campus has their own Student Services' office.

IT-Services and User IDs

At the beginning of your studies you will receive a student ID, which will allow you to access school's computers, all the remote services of the Oulu UAS, and your personal home folder and email.
When acquiring your student ID, you need to accept the IT rules by providing your signature. The Open University contact person will provide the student ID and the rules. The IDs for students attending online courses are usually sent by regular mail.
Every campus has IT work rooms intended for students, and some of these are also available in the evenings and weekends. The campus information letter will contain details about the availability of IT facilities and how to contact IT-support.

Library Services

The Oulu UAS library operates on all three campuses. The contact information is available on the library site. The Oulu University of Applied Science's libraries are open for all borrowers and visitors.
You should obtain a library card at the beginning of your studies. You can borrow various material for your studies, such as scientific publications and literature, textbooks, journals and theses. As a student of the Open UAS, you also get remote access rights to electronic material outside the library premises (functions with student ID). When necessary, you can request guidance on the library services from the library staff.

Student union and Student card

Only degree students at the OUAS are entitled to the membership of the student union and a national student card.

Student restaurants

As a student of the Open UAS you can dine at Oulu UAS campuses' student restaurants. You can obtain a meal card from the Open University Contact Person: by showing the card, you are entitled to a reduced lunch price.

University Sports of Oulu and Sports Pass

University Sports of Oulu offers academic sport services and other welfare services for students and staff of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. University Sports of Oulu offers many different sports opportunities, courses, events, competitions as well as discounts. If you study more the 15 credits during one academic year, you are able to buy the Sports Pass. Once you have the Sports Pass, you can participate in the sports classes. In addition, you will receive discounts on sports courses and the offering of co-operation partners.

When purchasing the Sports Pass you will have to prove your right to study. You can ask a certificate of studying from your contact person for the Open University of Applied Sciences. Remember to tell that you need the certificate for the Sports Pass.

For more information on the available sports and the Sports Pass, visit Oulu University Sports's homepage.


The students of the Open University of Applied Sciences are also covered by the insurance company. The insurance coverage contains the following:

  • A statutory accident insurance covering accidents that occur in practical training arranged according to the curriculum at the educational establishment as well as in unpaid practical, on-the-job training outside the educational establishment.
  • An optional accident insurance covering accidents that occur somewhere else than in the above-mentioned situations as well as on the way to school, between lectures and during physical education.
  • A travel insurance for any travels related to the studies including travel sickness insurance, travel accident insurance and luggage insurance. Please ask for a travel insurance card from your School's Student Services before the trip for possible invoicing purposes.
  • A liability insurance for practical training on the job covering damages caused to the property of the organisation providing the training position or a third party. Note that students of the Open University of Applied Sciences can carry out practical tasks, for example, training projects at companies or at the educational establishment. As a student of the Open University of Applied Sciences, you cannot complete the compulsory practical training included in the curriculum.

The personal property the students have with them at the place of study and the students' own leisure time regarding the statutory and optional insurances are excluded from the insurance. As a student, you are advised to find out the coverage of your own, personal insurances, because the above-mentioned insurances do not cover, for example, periods of remote studying.

In case of damages or accidents, please contact Student Services at your own campus. They will also provide you with more information on the insurance coverage of students.