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RehaSim rehabilitation simulation environments offer a full-range learning, product testing and development environment for companies and organisations.

An enabling home is a homelike, accessible and safe learning environment which can be modified for various purposes. The home demonstrates modifiable housing solutions, utilising the modern technology, where every individual is able to take part in everyday functions, according to their functional ability.

The enabling home can be used, through simulated or real customer situations, to train the skills required in practical work. Different learning situations train the evaluation of the customer's occupational performance, the need for various aids and the operating environment, and to carry out different interventions. The learning situations serve to evaluate and develop interprofessional cooperation skills, customer-oriented working methods, professional behaviour, ethics, interactive skills, therapeutic reasoning and self-management.

The enabling home can be visited by everyone interested in accessible, homelike and safe housing solutions. Different solutions for the needs of companies and organisations can be tested in the enabling home. Furthermore, companies and organisations can, under specific conditions, rent facilities from the enabling home for their activities.

The service price will be agreed upon according to the use of the environment and the content of the expert service.

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Senior Lecturer Eliisa Niilekselä
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