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MedSim studios are safe, effective and diverse learning environment for medical, health and social care under and post graduate education as well as testing and Living Lab environment for companies and organisations.


MedSim studios are equipped with different age’s high fidelity computer guided patient simulators whit all human vital functions. It’s possible to simulate real life scenarios of different malfunctions, traumas and diseases as well as exam and treat the manikins in different in and out hospital environments. Clinical- as well teamwork-, communication- and leadership skills are possible to learn, test and develop in simulated real life scenarios. Simulation training and testing are patient safety and it’s possible to learn of mistakes.

The service price will be agreed upon, according to the use of the environment and the content of the service.

MedSim facilities
  • Seven studio environments with audiovisual connections and control rooms for instructors
  • Studios are equip with eight different age high fidelity patient simulators:
    • Birth giving mother
    • Newborn baby
    • Junior age child
    • Five adults
  • From studios live audiovisual connections to debriefing rooms for observing and reflecting
  • Studios are flexible to be simulated as different in and out hospital environments and from single case to multi patient disaster training. Studios can be simulated also home, kindergarten etc. environments. Hospital walls, panorama videos and crushed car simulator are possible to use.
Co-operation with companies, testing and product development

MedSim offers a testing and living Lab development environment for companies and organizations. Tested products can be focused for specialized hospital care, for primary care until to self-care. Students from different degree programmes are able to take part to the testing processes.  Especially products in prototype phase can be tested safe in simulation environments.

The tested products may be measuring devices for vital functions, electronic recorders of patient information or devices that secure the safety of the home or treatment environment. No ethical permits are required for testing.

MedSim is a developing environment. It works in close cooperation with the manufacturer and importer companies. Research associated with development work is conducted systematically, for example, in terms of the monitoring of learning results.

MedSim in education

Simulation training in MedSim is integrated in basic, advanced and continuing studies. Simulation is safe and effective learning method for medical, health and social care education. Education are built on real life scenarios. Training is based on simulation pedagogy. The learning objectives cover both clinical and group work skills. Interprofessional teamwork, communication and leadership skills are learned. Training atmosphere is positive, open and trustable.

Simulation learning cycle

Students will prepare to simulation training for example in web platform with help of the pre material and self-tests. In training situation the group is divided in subgroups as actors and observers. All students are in active roles. Maximum size of actor group is 4-6 like in real life situations. All of them are acting in their own professional roles. Observing with structured tasks will occur through video connection in debriefing room. Last part of the training is debriefing. Each of the students will reflect their professional work and learning experience as well as the future learning challenges in positive spirit. The teacher will summarize the debriefing discussion from the evidence based practice to reaching the learning objectives.

MedSim is an excellent learning environment for under and post graduate as well for further education. Training are organized for uni and interprofessional teams. Simulation method is integrated and developed in under and post graduate education together with the health, social and medical education programmes and with working life partners.

Simulation is an active and effective continuing education alternative for working life teams. The training programme and scenarios for training are planned together with the work place staff based on their actual developmental needs. In working life simulation learning objectives are emphasized more on fluent leadership and teamwork beside the clinical skills. Acute protocols are tested and developed in simulates situations.

Training range and registration

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Training range and registration

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360 demonstration videos

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