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Review on plant waxes published

Julkaistu: 23.4.2019 klo 16:28 Ajankohtaista

The WAX project members Priyanka Trivedi, Nga Nguyen, Anne Linn Hykkerud, Hely Häggman, Inger Martinussen, Laura Jaakola and Katja karppinen have come up with an interesting paper 'Developmental and Environmental Regulation of Cuticular Wax Biosynthesis in Fleshy Fruits'.

This review focuses on the current knowledge of the cuticular wax biosynthesis during fleshy fruits development, and on the effect of environmental factors in regulation of the biosynthesis. Bioactive properties of fruit cuticular waxes are also briefly discussed, as well as the potential for recycling of industrial fruit residues as a valuable raw material for natural wax to be used in food, cosmetics and medicine.

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Oamkin hankkeiden verkkosivuohje (pdf)