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Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu :: Syksy 2019, opintokokonaisuudet

Syksyllä 2019 alkavat opintokokonaisuudet ja opintopolut

Lukuvuoden 2019-2020 opetustarjonnastamme on julkaistu (syksyllä alkavat opinnot). 

Ilmoittautuminen polkuopintoihin, joihin opiskelijat valitaan valintakokeen tai ennakkotehtävän kautta, alkaa 24.6. klo 10.00. Ilmoittautuminen opintokokonaisuuksiin ja niihin polkuopintoihin, joihin opiskelijat valitaan ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä, alkaa 30.7. klo 10.00

Oulu DevLAB Demo Path

Number of Credits:30 cr
Cost:300 euros
Field of studies:Common Studies
Teaching form:Daytime contact teaching
Enrolment:16.04.2019 - 31.05.2019
Number of participants:10
Semester:Autumn 2019
Further Information:avoinamk@oulu.fi
tel. +358 20 611 0213


Oulu DevLAB is truly interdisciplinary, international and inspiring learning experience. DevLAB students are coming from different fields of study. They will create interdisciplinary teams that develop a concept and create a demo. Project ideas focus on health, wellbeing, environment and technology. Students can earn 15 - 30 ECTS in a semester-long project. Studies are in English and are full-time. Students deepen their knowledge and skills in product and service development for health, wellbeing, environment and technology, team working, project management and professional development as a future professional and as a person. In DevLAB you will definitely go out from your comfort zone and learn how to stretch your borders in a way you have never done before. At the end of the semester besides gaining new competences, you have been developing a tangible demo as part of interdisciplinary and international team in English. See more information: www.oulugamelab.net/
Study time: 26.8.-21.12.2019

Student allowance

Studies at the Open UAS are not entitled to any student allowance.

Further Information

If you want to apply for LAB-studies:
1. Enroll for Dev LAB Demo Path as an open university student (see the link on this page).
2. Fill in the register form on Labs application page and book a time for an interview:

Interviews are held in May or in June, depends on your application time (before or after May).