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Syksyn 2019 yksittäiset opintojaksot

Alla näet syyslukukauden 2019 yksittäisten opintojaksojen tarjonnan. Yksittäisiin opintojaksoihin opiskelijat valitaan ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä.

Ilmoittautumiset yksittäisille opintojaksoille (amk-opinnot) alkavat:

- 30.7. klo 10.00 (tekniikka, luonnonvara-ala, kulttuuri, liiketalous ja tietojenkäsittely)
- 31.7. klo 10.00 (sosiaali- ja terveysala)

LM00CQ00  |  Agricultural and Rural Industries

Sheep Farming and Biodiversity

Objectives:Student is able to assess sheep herd management in traditional and organic production, considering health management. Student can describe sheep breeds and genetic variation. Student can plan sheep winter feeding. Student is able to assess sheep grazing systems especially on areas with valuable nature biodiversity.
Place:studying is not tied to a location
Teaching form:Virtual studies
Based on a self-study material
Teaching language:English
Number of Credits:5 cr
Cost:Look for prices
Date(s):17.09.2019 - 30.11.2019
Exact time:- eLearning - Moodle learning environment - Adobe Connect on-line meetings - field assignments - individual work - on-line exam - learning assignments and seminar presentations Course starts 17.9.2019 and ends 30.11.2019. - The Moodle workspace will open 9.9.2019. Registration by 16.9.2019. - Assignment returns opening 31.9.2019 and closing 30.11.2019 at 23.55. - Evaluation by 15.12.2019.
Level:Bachelor Programme
Degree programme:Agricultural and Rural Industries
Enrolment:30.07.2019 - 08.09.2019
Number of participants:10
Further Information:avoinamk@oulu.fi
tel. +358 20 611 0213


Sheep herd production cycle, housing and management practices
Sheep breeds and genetic variation
Feeding and grazing plan
Health care
Biodiversity management by sheep grazing


Basic knowledge of animal physiology and feeding.


To be announced at the beginning of the course

Student allowance

Studies at the Open UAS are not entitled to any student allowance.