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Syksyn 2019 yksittäiset opintojaksot

Alla näet syyslukukauden 2019 yksittäisten opintojaksojen tarjonnan. Yksittäisiin opintojaksoihin opiskelijat valitaan ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä.

Ilmoittautumiset yksittäisille opintojaksoille (amk-opinnot) alkavat:

- 30.7. klo 10.00 (tekniikka, luonnonvara-ala, kulttuuri, liiketalous ja tietojenkäsittely)
- 31.7. klo 10.00 (sosiaali- ja terveysala)

ID00BO85  |  Information Technology

Developer Basic Skills

Objectives:The student understands how static web pages are constructed and is able to build web pages to look and feel as specified.

The student is capable of designing web user interfaces with good usability. The student knows the concepts of usability, user experience and usability engineering. The student is able to evaluate the usability of existing web user interfaces and give design solutions.

The student knows the basics of mathematics used in logical algorithms. The student is able to solve the basic problems of permutations and combinatorics. The student is able to use these skills in the programming.

The student understands the concepts of object oriented programming. The student is able to design object oriented programs and implement the design.

The student is able to communicate in English both orally and in writing in multicultural and international working environment and networks of the ICT field. The student will be able to understand the latest publications in the ICT field.
Teaching form:Daytime contact teaching
Teaching language:English
Number of Credits:15 cr
Cost:Look for prices
Date(s):28.10.2019 - 20.12.2019
Exact time:The exact teaching times will be published in Schedule Tool (www.oamk.fi/lukkarit) before studies begin.
Level:Bachelor Programme
Degree programme:Information Technology
Teacher(s):Kari Laitinen
Anu Niva
Lasse Haverinen
Kaija Posio
Enrolment:30.07.2019 - 13.10.2019
Number of participants:5
Further Information:avoinamk@oulu.fi
tel. +358 20 611 0213


HTML and CSS Programming (3 ECTS): HTML document structure, HTML tags and their attributes, HTTP protocol basics, CSS syntax, selectors, key properties.

Web User Interface Design and Usability (3 ECTS): Usability concepts, design and implementation principles of web user interface with suitable tools, heuristic principles and usability evaluation of existing user interfaces.

Computing Mathematics (3 ECTS): Basics of logic, basics of set theory, permutation and combination.

Object Oriented Programming (3 ECTS): Solving problems in an object oriented style, classes, methods and visibility, encapsulation, interfaces, inheritance and composition

Professional English Communication (3 ECTS): Communicative situations related to working life, written documentation related to professional subjects, authentic study resources of ICT field and cultural differences in working life.


Course Introduction to Web Development or equivalent skills. See course description: https://www.oamk.fi/opinto-opas/opintojen-sisalto/opintojak...


To be announced at the beginning of the course

Student allowance

Studies at the Open UAS are not entitled to any student allowance.