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Oulu UAS offers good opportunities for business life

Oulu UAS offers good opportunities for business life

7.12.2016 :: Author: Marjo Sormunen  Photos: Anne Aho

Hungarian Tamas Zsakovics, 24, studies International Business at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. He thinks that Oulu UAS offers good opportunities for business students. So it is no wonder that you can often find Tamas in the Business Kitchen which is the entrepreneurship hub of the university.


It was not always clear for Tamas what he would do in his life. After middle school he started to study education and psychology at university. But after studying for two years he realized it was not what he wanted to do.

– I began to have a clear picture of what I wanted to do with myself. I wanted to study abroad. I had visited Finland many times because my father works there. So I decided to study in Finland. The city of Oulu was my first choice because it has soul.

Tamas chose to study in the degree programme in International Business.

– International business was something that really moved me. I am interested in being international and I like to work with people from different cultures. I think that studying business gives you good opportunities for life.

Tamas praises the Business Kitchen which is the universities’ entrepreneurship hub formed by the University of Oulu and University of Applied Sciences. In the Business Kitchen you can for example develop your business idea into an actual product or service.

The Business Kitchen was established in 2012 stemming from the common goal of the universities and the city of Oulu to support the creation of new business, business growth and internationalization as the economy hit a rough spot.

Tamas has been working with a group of his friends in the Business Kitchen. They have been creating a concept which is related to game industry.

– I think the Business Kitchen is essential for business students. You form good connections and networks for the future. You learn a lot about business and people in the Business Kitchen can help you develop your own business.

Upcoming game industry


The other thing that Oulu UAS provides is the LABs. Three different LABs are unique training and development programmes available for students of Oulu UAS. Learning is based on studying and working in interdisciplinary projects, targeting the development of products, services and start-ups.

Tamas is obviously interested in the Oulu Game LAB and he has already visited it.  The Game LAB focuses on the creation of multidisciplinary teams to build prototypes, products and then start-ups targeting the global games industry.

Tamas feels at home in Oulu – and not just because his girlfriend is from there. He thinks that the northern part of Finland is very different form the southern part –  it is more connected to nature.  Also the atmosphere at the Oulu UAS is good and people are openminded.

– In the future I want to create my own business. Maybe something related to the game industry which is a huge upcoming business. And Oulu has good connections to the game industry which is good for me.